Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So over due!!! September 2012 #allforthekids as always :)

So during my NYSC year after several attempts to do a project to no avail, two weeks before my service year was over, one of my projects finally gets approved and i am given 2 days to prepare and get it done. On Friday September 28th 2012 I went to Love Home Orphanage there with 9 other corpers and Mrs. Leo an NYSC administrator. Love Home Orphanage is located on 7b Jubilee Road, Magodo, Off CMD Road, Lagos. It is owned by Daystar church and run by Pasor Mrs Nike Adeyemi.

I went there with food items and toiletries. The items include; Cornflakes – 1 Carton, A bag of Rice, Spaghetti - 1 Carton, Pampers - 1 Bag (Of 8 packs), Cerelac - 4 Tins, Dano Milk – 6 Sachets, Custard - 1 Bucket, Butter- 2 Buckets, Vaseline 1 Packet (Of 10), Ribena – 4 Mini Cartons (Of 64), Indoime – 2 Cartons, Tooth Brush – 23 Packs, Tooth Paste – 2 Packs (Of 20), Tissue Paper- 48 Rolls, Washing Soap – A Bag, Garri, A bag of textbooks books.

And most importantly we got to spend time with the little children and their caretakers as the older children were in school. We spent most of our time in the living room where class photos of the children were hung as well as medals that they had won. It was so great to see these adorable children around caretakers who clearly loved them and were taking good care of them. Although we could not take pictures with the children we took pictures of the gifts we brought and with some of the staff. I know that by the time we were leaving many of us had gotten attached to the children and did not want to leave. Overall, it was an amazing experience and it was great to remind the children they are loved, and make a difference in the community. It was my own way of giving back and I really look forward to doing more events like this. If in some small way I can help give a child like this a better life that would be a great blessing.

At the end of the day, it is not about what one has to give these children but more importantly about spending time with these kids and showing them they are loved. I am excited about the next orphanage homes I’ll be visiting and the next place I’ll be able to make a difference. Don not ever not make a difference because you can only do a little.

“We make a living by not what we get, but we make a life by what we give”- Winston Churchill.

PS: Please try and ignore the horrible looking khaki uniform lol. It's #allforthekids

As always stay believing and remember your not alone

Love always,

Daddy's lil girl (Mbang) xoxo

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