Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So over due!!! September 2012 #allforthekids as always :)

So during my NYSC year after several attempts to do a project to no avail, two weeks before my service year was over, one of my projects finally gets approved and i am given 2 days to prepare and get it done. On Friday September 28th 2012 I went to Love Home Orphanage there with 9 other corpers and Mrs. Leo an NYSC administrator. Love Home Orphanage is located on 7b Jubilee Road, Magodo, Off CMD Road, Lagos. It is owned by Daystar church and run by Pasor Mrs Nike Adeyemi.

I went there with food items and toiletries. The items include; Cornflakes – 1 Carton, A bag of Rice, Spaghetti - 1 Carton, Pampers - 1 Bag (Of 8 packs), Cerelac - 4 Tins, Dano Milk – 6 Sachets, Custard - 1 Bucket, Butter- 2 Buckets, Vaseline 1 Packet (Of 10), Ribena – 4 Mini Cartons (Of 64), Indoime – 2 Cartons, Tooth Brush – 23 Packs, Tooth Paste – 2 Packs (Of 20), Tissue Paper- 48 Rolls, Washing Soap – A Bag, Garri, A bag of textbooks books.

And most importantly we got to spend time with the little children and their caretakers as the older children were in school. We spent most of our time in the living room where class photos of the children were hung as well as medals that they had won. It was so great to see these adorable children around caretakers who clearly loved them and were taking good care of them. Although we could not take pictures with the children we took pictures of the gifts we brought and with some of the staff. I know that by the time we were leaving many of us had gotten attached to the children and did not want to leave. Overall, it was an amazing experience and it was great to remind the children they are loved, and make a difference in the community. It was my own way of giving back and I really look forward to doing more events like this. If in some small way I can help give a child like this a better life that would be a great blessing.

At the end of the day, it is not about what one has to give these children but more importantly about spending time with these kids and showing them they are loved. I am excited about the next orphanage homes I’ll be visiting and the next place I’ll be able to make a difference. Don not ever not make a difference because you can only do a little.

“We make a living by not what we get, but we make a life by what we give”- Winston Churchill.

PS: Please try and ignore the horrible looking khaki uniform lol. It's #allforthekids

As always stay believing and remember your not alone

Love always,

Daddy's lil girl (Mbang) xoxo

Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's a New Year!!!

Happy New Year People!! Yes, I am aware it is the last day of Jan :)

It’s 2013 and even though currently in my life there isn’t a lot to be excited about, I am. I am excited to be alive and for the wonderful possibilities ahead. I am thankful for family and great friends that have stayed supporting and encouraging me especially when I didn’t deserve it. I am thankful to God for some of the amazing people he brought into my life in 2012 and for friendships and relationships that have blossomed.I am thankful for music, which remains a big part of my life. Helping me get through the bad times, good times, helping to build memories, and for clearing my head to make better /good decisions (Yes music does that for me ☺).

Despite what this year brings I have made a decision to be happy, remain positive and stay fighting to fulfill my dreams and passion. Striving to be the best at whatever it is I find myself doing. Yes I am a Gladiator and you to can be one #Scandalfan #Olivia Pope. Shout out to all the Scandal fans out there lol. Wishing you all an amazing and blessed year.

Always remember tribulations and problems would come but your not alone and you can make your way back from anything if you chose to.

Stay Strong, Stay Believing.

Love always,
Mbang (Daddy’s lil girl)

Friday, February 17, 2012

#allforthekids :)

I’m in the process of forming an NGO but before that is finalized I’ve decided that every other month I’ll visit an orphanage with gifts and things needed and spend some quality time with these children so that they always feel loved. So the first orphanage home we visited was in Lekki and it was on Saturday the 28th of January. Initially it was supposed to be a party and then we would also be going there with needed items but due to some last minute cancellations it just became more of a visit but we still went there with snacks to distribute. Thanks to God and some really awesome people I was able to raise 160,000 Naira to be able to buy items needed for the children. Also, a few people distributed items that I added to those I got. Below I have attached a list of items bought, amounts and the prices:

Ribena: 4 Packets of 27 2,400x4=96,00
Lucozade Boost: 2 Packets of 27 2,350x2 =4,700
Nan (baby food): 1 Carton of 12 7,158
Custard: 1 Carton of 4 liter (4) 3,600
Meat: A whole lot + the cutting 6,500
Closeup Toothpaste: 2 Packets of 10 1,700x 2 =3,400
Bornvita: 1 Carton of 12 7,000
Peak 123: 1 Carton 7,100
Cornflakes: 1 Carton 2,900
Air freshener: 1 Packet of 10 2,800
Disinfectant (Detol): 2 Packets of 6 4,280
Pears Baby Lotion: 3 Packets of 10 2000x3= 6,000
Pears Baby Oil: 2 Packets of 10 2,500x2=5,000
Detergent: 1 carton 3,000
Pampers: 3 Packs (Size 2, 3, 4) 1,600x3=4800
Chicken: 1 carton + the cutting 8,800
Fish: 1 Carton plus the cutting 11,000
Singlet’s (Unisex): 3 dozens of size 55, 60, 70 2000x2 + 2200 =6,200
Singlet’s (Girls only): 2 dozens and five pairs 2000+ 800=2,800
Boxers: 3 dozens of different sizes 1300+1400=2,700
Pants (Girls): 4 dozens of different sizes 350x4=1,400
Socks: 4 packs of 12 500x3 +600=2,100
Medications: 10 Coartem babies (2000), 4 Coartem Junior and Adult (2960, 4 Emzolyn expt (560), 3 Loxaprim Susp (750), 3 Primpex Susp (840), 4 Ascomed vic tab (640), 6 Em-Vit C Syrup (900), = 9,190
Transportation: cost Packing, paying those that carried the cartons and items (3 occasions) =600
Children Donation Basket: (At orohanage home) =500

Total: 123,128

Out of the 160, 000 donated, it remains about 37 that I would be adding to the funds that would be donated for our next orphanage program. Other donations received were: 2 cartons of golden morn, A packet of 100 chesse balls, 2 packet of tissue paper, 2 packets of detergent, pampers, cooking oil, peak milk, some more drinks, 2 cakes, 3 cartons of indiome, milo, cerelac, washing soap, a sack of rice and a microwave. There might be a few things I am missing but I think I have covered most of the things donated.

This orphanage is home to 100 amazing children though we were not allowed to take pictures with the children so you are going to have to take my word of how adorable they were. It was great to see caregivers that care and love these children surrounded the children. I was surprised to see quite a lot of babies there especially one that was only 7 days old. Apparently he was found abandoned and brought to the orphanage. He was so tiny and if you didn’t’ look closely it appeared as though the cot was empty. Seeing him really got me emotional but I was happy he was found because not all abandoned children live.

There were too many really cute babies and my friends and I couldn’t help carrying them and getting attached. One particular 8-month baby wouldn’t stop holding my friends hand (even though it was because of the big bling she was wearing as a watch). The babies were very pleasant gripping and smiling at us. Hardly ever crying except when dropped. And even when dropped, most did not cry. It was definitely the best weekend I’ve had and there were many times I had to fight back the tears with a smile. I found myself getting really attached asking for the names and information about how they found each child. I know I have said I would adopt and not that I wasn’t sure before but now am a 100% certain about this. If in some small way I can give a child like this a better life that would be a great blessing.

I am so grateful that so many people responded to the messages I sent about donations. I was surprised to see how many people wanted to help but didn’t know how to and I am so thankful to be able to have given them an avenue to help. To all those who in one way or another helped make these event a success, may God bless you abundantly and may he continually remember you just as you have remembered these children. At the end of the day, it is not about what one has to give these children but more importantly about spending time with these kids and showing them they are loved. Am all excited for the next orphanage home we’ll be visiting which would be on the mainland and once again i would appreciate your support.

Small actions + lots of people = Big Change!!!!! Don't ever not make a difference because you can only do a little.

Love always,
Daddy's lil girl (Mbang) xoxo

Friday, February 10, 2012

Its about time i updated my blog :)

So am officially the worst blogger cause I’m so bad at updating my blog. It’s been some good three months since I last had an update so let me get you up to speed as to what has gone on in my life.

• I went to NYSC camp in November and thank God it was in Lagos (yay!) but that didn’t make it any less filthy. It’s definitely one of those experiences that you never forget. With the soldiers saying things like “Otondo”- lazy corper, and making us sing things like “chop akara go, moin moin no dey”. It was an eventful place with some of the international students forming and meeting people you wouldn’t even believe are graduates. It was a classic experience so classic that I considered starting a blog dedicated to the adventures of NYSC. And of course it is a moneymaking industry (all my money saved was spent in camp). A hectic but fun experience and best of all, I met some really amazing people there.
• After camp I was really ill for about 2weeks. I was feeling like a hard babe and stayed in camp the whole time. But with that came consequences like the crazy combination of typhoid and malaria. I don’t ever remember having typhoid before now so it was definitely a new and not so exciting experience. Thank God for his favor I was back to a 100%. And of course thanks to the many medications I got to take.
• On the plus side, Christmas holiday was looking very promising as many of my friends and family are coming in to Nigeria. So finally there was something exciting to look forward too. Honestly speaking I had been looking forward to Christmas since September. Yes, I know it’s quite shameful but its true. Good thing Christmas lived up to all the hype but then I was broke all over again.
• In came the New Year… Yay!! We made it into 2012 ☺ Unfortunately for us in Naija that brought about the increase in petrol, strike and worst of all more bombing in Northern States. Too many innocent lives gone for absolutely no reason. Nigeria remains in my prayer and so do the families of those who lost their loved ones. One day all our issues would be in the past.

Still Happy New Year people even though a month of the new year has gone already. I'm wishing that this year is one filled with unexpected blessings and divine favor. Its definitely our year to shine and that time for things to get better. Remember your not alone so please hang in there.

Love always,
Daddy's lil girl Mbang..xoxo

Friday, October 14, 2011

Little things with great LOVE!

We make a living by not what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ~Winston Churchill

I visited the motherless baby home in lekki and its like two streets from my sisters house so we just strolled down. I was so pleased with what I saw when the gates were opened. It was a very cute set up they had for these kids. They had a couple of buildings and in the middle of those buildings a play ground. I was very happy to see that these kids were been taken care of well. Going to places like that just reminds you of how much all the ‘supposedly’ big things we complain about are not important. I’ve been sponsoring a 7 year boy old well now 9 year old in the Philippines for a year and a half and it’s the most rewarding experience I have had so far. We have written to each other a couple of times and this experience has been a life changing experience for me. I know many of us want to help but do not feel like were in a position too. “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” Your just one and may only have a little but you can do something. Even the little things matter like your words, allowing someone keep the change and helping to increase awareness about those in-need. So today I challenge you once again do “small things with great love.” And whatever it is you may be going through always remember that you are not alone.

Love always,
Daddy's little girl (Mbang)xoxo

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"No we're not lucky, we're BLESSED!!!"

Sometimes I forget to remember how blessed and fortunate I am and am trying not to do that again. This happens especially when I feel things are not going the way I want them to go or when things are not working out well. Anyways, if you can tell I haven’t blogged for a while and though from time to time I find myself scrabbling stuff on a piece of paper, or writing stuff in the memo pad on my blackberry I have been struggling to actually write a full post and put it up. It’s weird because I get inspiration to write all the time, every day; whether its from the lyrics of songs (i.e. Coldplay, Dido) talking to people, meeting new people or watching a show and a scene comes up with the right music playing it can be so personal for me. But, somehow I find a way to procrastinate blogging. I kept telling myself that I would blog when I start my NGO but seeing as that is taking longer than I hoped it would I might as well start blogging again now that I got serious inspiration.

Yesterday I went to the palms to go see a movie with a couple of friends. For those of you who don’t know what the palm is, it’s a shopping mall in Nigeria where every one well, maybe not everyone but most people are overdressed like their going to the club. Like it’s pretty intense some days most babes are in really high heels and
I always feel so under dressed lol. But yea, so my friend came with some of her other friends one of which was physically disabled. The crazy thing is that though she’s on a wheel chair she doesn’t let it upset her or stop her from doing absolutely everything. She is one of the liveliest people I have met and her out look on life is so amazing. Despite her disability, she would do everything she can possibly do herself and be pleasant about it. She does not allow this disability to limit her or define her.

Most of us have it so much easier though we are still ungrateful, depressed and limit ourselves. We do not have any physical or mental disability limiting us though we limit ourselves. We don’t need someone to take us to the bathroom just to use the toilet or, to lift us up to sit down and many little things we take for granted put yet we do not realize how blessed and lucky we are. So many people are lacking the basic things we have like food, shelter, clean water and good health but yet we seem to think we have it bad. Many people do not know where their next meal is coming from. Yes, things may be pretty bad with you but there are so many people that have it worse so even when things are pretty shitty (excuse my language) there are still many reasons for us to be grateful.

Today is also September 11 and it’s been 10 years ago since the terrorist attack occurred in New York. So many lives were lost and though it’s been ten years, families and friends of victims especially are hurting like it just happened all over again. My prayers and thoughts are with you and also to anyone out there who may have lost someone dear to them from my personal experiences it gets better, you get better. One day you wake up and it doesn’t hurt as much and even if it does you learn to deal with it. Just remember you’re not alone and though it may seem dark, lonely and difficult right now the sun will eventually come out. Things would get better. Like I always say, you can make your way back from anything and your not alone☺

PS: Special shout out to my sister Toun who just joined the blog world Yay!!. Be sure to check her out on:

Love always,
Daddy’s Little girl (Mbang)…..xoxo

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Just before you start reading this, it was written like some six months ago (May ending) so am glad to say that I'm not in that place anymore. I'm posting this very personal note I wrote so that you can see that even when we get to our lowest points we can make our way back no matter how bad it gets. I am no longer lost though there are still a lot of things I have to figure out but I have more courage, hope, perseverance, strength, and faith than ever before.

For once in my life I am very confused without a clue of where to turn
To wake up and find that all the things you felt were familiar aren't
All the places, people and relationships you built were on lies
That you could have done anything for the people that left you in the cold
That you have been made to look like a fool by people you trusted
I lay in bed every morning hoping that yesterday was a dream but it wasn't
Now everything that was once so familiar seems strange
And though there are still people to talk to I don't want to
There are no needs for words because my feelings cannot be expressed
The pain is unbearable and though I would like to share it can only be felt
I lay in bed trying to figure out how things got this bad
I lay in bed trying to figure out where I went wrong
All the memories and good times we've shared so far away
I thought that our bond was stronger than this
I thought that we were are at a point that we could make it from anything
But, obviously I was wrong.... really, really wrong
I think what hurts the most was that you were willing to talk to anyone but me
Why is the bad stuff so easy to believe?
I get that you were trying to find yourself but you lost yourself in doing so
You left me completely questioning all my relationships.
But I know that one-day would come that I would feel no pain no more
One day would come that my heart would not be so heavy
But today like the last couple of days am still lost but this too shall pass...

And it did pass (with God, family, and great friends)...It's been only a couple of months ago and am more fearless than ever before (I think) lol!!! So, there's nothing wrong in feeling down and defeated as long as you remember you can make your way back from anything. So keep getting up, trying to be okay even if you have to fake it sometimes and one day you would be okay:)
Love always,
Daddy's lil girl (Mbang)..xoxo